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PHENIX AGROSYSTEM machines are born here, in the mind of growers, field agronomists, rich of their land’s watching, cropping practices, markets and environment. Strong of their long-owned environment sensitivity, they favoured sustainable practices, short distribution channels, innovation and open-mindedness. Working with farm-machinery industry at a European level convicted them the best innovation might rise from the genius and common sense of countrymen, the users.

Field trys with machines, rotary and row hoes. User coaching


PHENIX AGROSYSTEM’s design office has got an ideal field of experimentation in the 400 hectares of the cereal farm. They provide various types of soil in plains and slopes, some of them very pebbly, providing extreme conditions of operation. It is by working in live conditions during entire seasons that prototypes are tested and their effectiveness proven. So do they reach the capability to resist the stress of heavy-duty operation.

Slopes and pebbly fields Organic cereals large crops for 20 years
Designed by farmers, tested and proven on the field


The farm is a precious tool for machine design, and allows validating their features and outcome, in various operations or practices, and collect numerous learnings, after years of practice, including economic results in the thinking process. Bois Choppard Farm is as well a precious tool for the users of the brand. They will find advice, return of experience, technical support and coaching to improve their agronomic skills.

Field development and trys